CORONA : Please Take it Seriously, But Don’t Panic..

CORONA :- Please Take it Seriously, But Don’t Panic..

KanpurAtul Anger..

The corona virus is being introduced as a dreaded disease while in daily life it can be prevented from spreading by taking precautions in cleanliness.

3 top tips to avoid corona
1- Wash your hands with soap-water for at least 30 seconds before touching your mouth, nose or eyes or use a hand sanitizer with 60% alcohol.
2- Keep a distance of at least 1 meter i.e. about 3 feet from the person suffering from cold / cold or flu ..
3- Cover your nose and mouth with a handkerchief / paper napkin while sneaking or coughing. If there is no paper napkin, take your arm near the nose ..
There is no need to be afraid of corona virus but need to be cautious… Do not panic about corona but take special care of cleanliness ..

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