What Is TRP ?

Friends, you must be watching all the television. There are many types of channels in television, in which many types of shows are shown.  Do you know the cost of making a show is crores.  A show is prepared after spending crores of rupees and it is uploaded in the channel, but have you ever wondered why these shows are made and what are the benefits of this show?  Friends, all this happens because of TRP.

If you are fond of listening to the news, then you must have heard the news in various news channels, but have you ever thought what do you take from this news channel in exchange for giving news?  Friends, all this game is done by TRP.

 What Is TRP?

TRP has a full form television rating point.  TRP tells which channel is more popular and is seen more by people.

Television has hundreds of channels on which hundreds of shows are shown, but the TRP system is used to find out which channel is the most popular in all these shows and in all these channels.  Through TRP, the government finds out which channel is being liked and popular by the people.

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